Welcome to the town of Blackwood Hollow - a ghost town forever trapped in the past.....a dark past. As you wait to enter Blackwood Manor, at the end of this desolate street, you will get a glimpse into the town that used to be one man's dream....and another man's demented playground. The Legend Of Blackwood Hollow It is said Blackwood Hollow was founded by Hawthorne Blackwood, in the early 1800s - Hawthorne was a man of faith and sought to build a town untouched by sin. The town was barely established when a dark plague swept through. The plague was swift, killing off most of the townsfolk, including his wife. Those few that survived wish they hadn't, as the plague had greatly disfigured them, and made them unable to bear the sunlight. Hawthorne, unable to take the loss of his wife, and his town, turned to the dark arts to try to find a way to bring back the love of his life. Legend has it that Hawthorne spent years secluded in his church and study, poring over old parchments and ancient books. Eventually, his dabbling unearthed something, but it only thrust the remainder of the town further into darkness, bringing back with it the dead townsfolk, who were now trapped in their plagued forms. No one knows the whole truth and eventually through the years, the town faded into legend and was left to rot away in the woods. The remains of the town sat quietly in the woods for decades. the darkness always there, always hungering to spread further. Years later, in the 1920s, a rich doctor by the name of Victor Grimfell purchased the land that Blackwood Hollow sat on. Victor bought the land knowing it sat far enough away from prying eyes that he could continue his “Work” unhindered. Victor had heard the rumors of what befell the original town. he had done research on the “unnatural” plague that had swept through town. He had a deep interest in the rumor of the dark arts that Hawthorne had tapped into - but to study, Victor would need subjects. Victor sent the word out, inviting people from towns far away to “Seek wellness, and happiness in an untouched quaint town”. Victor spent his life savings to build a “new” town, bordering the woods where the previous Blackwood Hollow was located. He built a lavish mansion at the far end of town, and along with it, a sanitarium. Victor considered himself a pioneer in the treatment of fears and phobias. His patients were those exiled into asylums because of their irrational, often madness-inducing fears. He knew this town could be his playground, where he would have no need to answer to anyone for his “Treatments”. A few years went by - many rumors had spread about Victor's work, his mistreatment of “patients”, and his mixing of the occult into his work. Eventually other towns had heard enough and agreed to put a stop to the evil before it had a chance to work its way to their towns. One cold, fall night, a group of them made their way under the cover of darkness to Blackwood Hollow to take care of Victor - but their efforts were in vain. The town was empty. not a single soul remained - it was as if they had just vanished, leaving everything behind as it was. The town now sits as it did that night - mid fall festival, inexpliciably abandoned by the townsfolk - however it is not as uninhabited as it seems - whispers on the wind, shadows in the forest. echos of the past still remain. Some say the town itself seems to be waiting…but waiting for what?